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Girl Wearing a Trial Frame During an Eye ExaminationOur eye doctors  are looking forward to sharing the latest eye care innovations with you. We offer comprehensive eye exams and a range of other eye care services in our three eye care centers conveniently located in, Morrisville, Henderson and Durham, North Carolina.

To learn more about pricing, and hours, and accepted payments, please visit the page for each of our offices.

Optometric Eye Site PLLC

A thorough Eye Exam begins at a quality eye care center with an optometrist who offers options that meet the needs of their patients. People have different eye care needs based upon age, personal preferences and types of activities they are interested in.  That is why we offer different types of services.  Some of our services include the following:

  1. once per year an eye care specialist should access your ocular health.  This should involve checking your eyes with a dilation of the pupils and should also access any refractive changes.

  2. We have many options to suit your needs including all the major brands in both soft, hard and extended wear contact lenses.

  3. We examine patients of all ages and backgrounds.  These types of examinations tend to use more objective data as appose to an adult routine eye examination where the subjective data tends to be more accurate.

We have tried to design this website to be educational.  At the end of most of the pages, especially for refractive eye conditions such as myopia and hyperopia, are short videos that help to really educate.  We try to also explain how people can save money on their healthcare in the eye care tips area of our website, so please visit this link to see some of our great suggestions and perhaps you will find the information helpful.

The eyes are the most sensitive and precise part of the human body. This makes sense because it is our primary system for locomotion, and navigation within our external environment. Unfortunately, a damaged eye does not regenerate thus vision lost from eye damage usually remains lost. this is quite different from a broken bone that can heal and mend. Accidents can happen to your eye, but we should always take the time to care for our eyes so that we can prevent foreseeable injuries and maladies. We suffer and strain our eyes when we watch televisions, work on computers, read text-based information, and when we simply do things like driving our cars. These types of activities increase our likelihood of having eye issues.  Ever increasing near-device usage, is taxing our visual systems like never before. All of these factors add up over time and increase our incidence and susceptibility to eye diseases. Taking the time to care for your vision, with the right education, with quality eye care professionals, can make all the difference.

We realize that you have many different choices among healthcare professionals.  We believe our excellent doctors, thorough patient care, and thoughtful customer service, makes us stand out among the rest.

We welcome you to schedule a visit with our team and then you will see why “Your Vision is Our Focus.”

Morrisville Eye Care Center

Morrisville Eye Care Center – Road Map
1101 Shiloh Glenn Drive.
Morrisville, NC 27560

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Henderson Eye Care Center

Henderson Eye Care Center – Road Map
200 North Cooper Drive
Henderson, NC 27536

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Durham Eye Care Center

Durham Eye Care Center – Road Map
4005 Chapel Hill Blvd.
Durham, NC 27707

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